Spice shaker cans 56/90 coppery 175 ml with metal-shaker

D=56mm/H=90mm. Spice shaker can 175 ml, inside gold and outside coppery lacquered. Incl. lid and metal-shaker (free selectable from 3 different hole diameters).

Product number: 11400068-0350599M

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Spice shaker cans made of tinplate with metal-shakers  – perfectly suitable as an elegant packaging solution for a wide variety of high-quality spices and herbs. The spice shaker cans are available in the colours silver, black, copper and white.

  • The Spice Shaker Cans are inside food-safe gold lacquered with seam-cover and outside coppery lacquered.
  • The inward rolled edge ensures optimal reclosability.
  • Due to the slip lid the cans can be easily opened and closed by hand.
  • Our Spice Shaker Cans are impervious to light and air-impermeable.
  • Inclusive lid and metal-shaker. The metal-shaker inserts are freely selectable from 3 different hole diameters (2,5 mm, 4 mm, 7 mm).
  • The Spice shaker cans are suitable for food.
  • Not suitable for fillings goods with essential oils.
  • This can is made of tinplate (tinned sheet steel). Cans made of tinplate are not suitable for water-containing filling goods or moist storage/handling. Contact with water or moisture lead to rust.

Due to the different fillings on the market and their individual composition, we cannot confirm absolute suitability for respective fillings. It is the responsibility of the user/bottler of the packaging to determine and confirm the suitability for the respective filling in advance. The actual suitability of the chosen packaging can only be properly ascertained by performing your own preliminary tests. The specified range of use for this article represents a rough classification based on the legal requirements.


Material: Metal
Application: Food
Capacity category: 100 - 200 ml
Product type: Spice shaker cans
Volume: 175 ml
Colour: Copper
Exterior varnish: Coppery
Interior varnish: Gold
Diameter: 56 mm
Opening: 56 mm
Height: 90 mm
Food safe: Yes
Dangerous goods approval: No
Stackable: No
Recycling codes: FE40


Metal-Shaker 2,5 mm

Metal-Shaker 2,5 mm

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Metal-Shaker 4 mm

Metal-Shaker 4 mm

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Metal-Shaker 7 mm

Metal-Shaker 7 mm

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