PET jar "Recessed" 2.000 ml

PET jar "Recessed Cylindrical " 2.000 ml inclusive aluminium screw cap in different colours. Optionally with additional inside cover. Stylish packaging for food and cosmetics, as well as a variety of other products.

Product number: 86400033

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The transparent jars made of crystal clear PET with elegant metal closure offer the best presentation for your high-quality products. With their wide opening, they serve as stylish packaging for food and cosmetics, as well as a variety of other products. By selecting the cap colour, the PET containers can be individually adapted to your label and filling good.

  • The PET jars are delivered inclusive aluminum screw caps, freely selectable from 4 different colours (silver, gold, black and bronze). After selecting the packaging unit, the closure colours are freely chosen within the ordered quantity.
  • Optionally with additional inner cover. The transparent sealing inserts with handle prevent the screw cap from sticking due to the filling good. After selecting the packaging unit, the quantity of inside lids are freely chosen within the ordered quantity.
  • The screw caps and inside lids can be easily attached by hand or machine.
  • PET packaging is insensitive to cold and can be heated up to a maximum of 40°C.
  • Made of clear PET (polyethylene terephthalate). As a pure material, PET is completely recyclable if disposed correctly. Containers made of recycled PET can be found in our category Recycled PET plastics (RPET).

Due to the different fillings on the market and their individual composition, we cannot confirm absolute suitability for respective fillings. It is the responsibility of the user/bottler of the packaging to determine and confirm the suitability for the respective filling in advance. The actual suitability of the chosen packaging can only be properly ascertained by performing your own preliminary tests. The specified range of use for this article represents a rough classification based on the legal requirements.


Material: PET
Application: Food; Cosmetics; Other applications
Capacity category: 1 - 5 litre
Product type: PET jars
Product line: Recessed
Volume: 2.000 ml
Brimful volume: 2.126 ml
Diameter: 120 mm
Opening: 100 mm
Height: 210 mm
Screw thread: 100 SP400
Food safe: Yes
Dangerous goods approval: No
Stackable: No
Recycling codes: PET01 (Alu screw-cap: ALU41)


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