Laminate tubes white 100 ml

D=40mm/H=125mm. Laminate tubes white 100 ml with matt finish, made of PBL laminate and equipped with a flip-top closure transparent matt with 3 mm opening.

Product number: 18100076-0354031

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Laminate tubes printed white with matt finish, made of PBL laminate (PBL 300/15 µm) with nominal volume 100 ml. The tubes are equipped with a flip top closure transparent matt with a 3 mm opening.

Our laminate tubes are made in Austria (Tyrol) and provide maximum user-friendliness, optimal protection for your product and stand out for their good recyclability. Present your high-quality food-, pet food-, cosmetics- and care products in laminate tubes that can be individually designed with labels.

  • Made in Austria (Tyrol) from PBL laminate (PBL 300/15 µm). PBL stands for Plastic Barrier Laminate, meaning the tubes are comprised of several plastic layers and a suitable barrier layer out of EVOH to optimally protect your products.
  • The multi-layered laminate structure makes it possible to reduce the use of petroleum-based plastics in the body of our tubes by up to 50% compared to conventional extruded plastic tubes. The PBL tubes are also characterised by their excellent recyclability.
  • The laminate tubes are heat-sealed at the open end after filling. Here you will find our tubes heat-sealing machine for plastic and laminate tubes. We also recommend the tubes closing and filling machines from Gepas and Griso Tec.
  • Would you like to individually print your tube packaging? Tubes with individual printing can be found here.

Due to the different fillings on the market and their individual composition, we cannot confirm absolute suitability for respective fillings. It is the responsibility of the user/bottler of the packaging to determine and confirm the suitability for the respective filling in advance. The actual suitability of the chosen packaging can only be properly ascertained by performing your own preliminary tests. The specified range of use for this article represents a rough classification based on the legal requirements.


Application: Other applications; Cosmetics; Food
Capacity category: 1 - 100 ml; 100 - 200 ml
Product type: Laminate tubes
Volume: 100 ml
Colour: White
Diameter: 40 mm
Opening: 3 mm
Height: 125 mm
Food safe: Yes
Recycling codes: PP/LDPE/HDPE

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