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PET Jar "Euro Spice" 800 ml UV

PET Jar “Euro Spice” 800 ml crystal clear with UV protection. Price inclusive Aluminium Screw Caps D=63 mm. Especially suitable for spices, herbs, cereal, fruits, nuts, sweets and many more.

Art.No.: 520073

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Volume: 800 ml
Size: 91 x 77 mm
Height: 172 mm
Dia. opening: 63 mm
Thread: SP400

Other features:

  • PET Jars are perfectly useable for a wide range of goods.
  • PET Jars "Euro Spice" are endued with a wide opening (63 mm). Therefore they are perfectly suitable for a wide range of coarse/big products.
  • filling volume: 800 ml
  • volume brimful: 850 ml
  • The plastic jars are made of pure, crystal clear, high-quality PET.
  • PET packaging can be heated up to max. 40°C and are insensitive against cold.
  • The aluminium screw caps can easily be screwed on by hand or by a machine.
  • PET Jars will be delivered inclusive suitable Aluminium Screw Caps.

  • UV-protection!
  • The UV light is for more than 90% absorbed (i.e. less than 10% is transmitted).