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Metal packaging for thin consistency liquids - with UN classification.

Our cylindrial cans are unpainted, empty and ready to be filled with fluid goods.They are available with volumes between 250ml and one liter. The cylindrical cans are manufactured from tinplate (tinned sheet steel). The cans are useable for hazardous materials and approved by UN Standards. The bottels are mainly used for filling with thinner and hardener, or for varnishes, paints and glazes. The cylindrical can with brushes, and those with a spout are not hazmat tested. The cylindrical can with a paintbrush is suitable ideally for adhesives or grease. These cans will corrode with prolonged contact with water or damp products.

Lock machine

Manual lock machine/push-in closing machine for easier closing of lever lid cans and oil bottles of all sizes.

Art.No.: 575001

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