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Metal buckets, steel buckets and Hobbocks with and without UN standards certificate for hazardous materials.

In the metal buckets and steel bins catagory you can find uncoated, empty buckets with a volume between 3 and 30 liter. The metal buckets are available with and without a dangerous goods certification. Metal pails with a dangerous goods UN and RID/ADR registration, are delivered with a clamping ring and a splitted pin. Because of the recloseable clamping ring the lid has a strong connected to the bucket. All pails are made out of tinplate (tinned steel sheet). You can also fill these metal pails with groceries. These cans will corrode with prolonged contact with water or damp products

Opener for paint cans

Small & handy Can Opener for easier opening of cans. Suitable for all Lever lid cans, Cans stackable, Pails and Press in lid...

Art.No.: 573001

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Packing Unit Amount / Packing Unit Price per piece Price / Packing Unit
Packet 10 1,99 € * 19,87 € *
Packet 20 1,86 € * 37,15 € *
Packet 50 1,73 € * 86,41 € *