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Containers are made of tin plate and are UN rated for dangerous or hazardous materials.

In the tin containers, canisters category you can find uncoated, empty metal container with a volume between one and 30 liter. All tin containers and canistesr pictured here are made out of tinplate (tinned sheet steel). They all comply to UN Standards for hazardous goods. The tin canisters are mainly used for filling with dilution and catalysts or for varnishes and paints, as well as scumbles. They can also be filled with thin waterless fluid-type foods, for instance cooking oil and syrup.
These cans will corrode with prolonged contact with water or damp products.

SALE - Canisters 1 litre

SALE - While stocks last! L=106mm/W=76mm/H=155mm. Canisters 1 litre made of tinplate, inside and outside blank. WITHOUT Approval for dangerous goods!

Art.No.: 13800016
Art.No. (old): 343342H

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Pallet 642 1,46 € * 939,70 € *