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Paisley 6 litre

D1=217mm/D2=230mm/H=175mm. PAISLEY 6 litre - Decorative storage bucket with a modern, timeless design for a wide variety of dry filling goods!

Art.No.: 513043

ab 4,58 € *

Packing Unit Amount / Packing Unit Price per piece Price / Packing Unit
Packet 4 4,59 € * 18,34 € *
Packet 12 4,58 € * 55,01 € *
Packet 28 4,58 € * 128,34 € *
Volume: 6.000 ml
Diameter 1.: 217 mm
Diameter 2.: 230 mm
Height: 175 mm
Inside lacquering: no
Outside lacquering: yes
Stackable: yes
Approval for dangerous goods: no
Food safe: yes

Other features:

PAISLEY - Decorative storage can with modern, timeless design - Our robust, versatile Paisley pails are ideally suited as metal packaging for organizing and storing, as creative gift packaging or for dry groceries such as biscuits, cookies, coffee beans, sweets and much more.

  • The Paisley pails are inside blank and outside printed.
  • The Paisley pails are suitable for dry groceries.
  • Our conical pails are ideal for economical storage, as they can be optimally nested and stacked.
  • Optimal emptying is achieved by the large opening of the pails. The ringless, thin bucket edge makes it easy to pour out the contents cleanly.

  • All Metal pails are made of tinplate (tinned sheet steel). Pails made of tinplate without an appropriate inside coating are not suitable for water-containing filling goods or moist storage/handling. Contact with water or moisture can lead to rust.

  • Metal pails WITHOUT approval for dangerous goods!