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Alu Screw Caps Dia. 70 mm silver

D=70mm/H=11mm, Screw Cap made of aluminium with inside and outside protective coating. Screw caps with LDPE sealing (F217-3). Seal with FDA licence. Thread SP 400.

Art.No.: 3390787

ab 0,23 € *

Packing Unit Amount / Packing Unit Price per piece Price / Packing Unit
Packet 1000 0,24 € * 239,03 € *
Pallet 12000 0,23 € * 2.709,01 € *
Diameter:  70 mm
Hight:  11,4 mm
Thread:  70 SP400
Thread pitch:  4,2 mm
Inside lacquering: yes
Outside lacquerning: yes

Other features:

  • Our screw caps are made of aluminium. Inside the alu cap there is a LDPE sealing (F217-3).
  • FDA Status: The component materials of F-217-3 are listed under DMF 2434.
  • The alu screw caps can be used on suitable bottles and jars made of plastics (PET) or glass.
  • Our aluminium screw caps are particulary suitable for PET-traiding units of all kind.
  • The screw caps will be shipped in PE bags, wrapped in cardboard boxes.