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"New Line" 100 ml

The plastic jars “New Line” are made of food-safe polypropylene (PP)! The perfect packaging for cosmetic products.

Art.No.: 527000

ab 0,48 € *

Packing Unit Amount / Packing Unit Price per piece Price / Packing Unit
Packet 250 0,48 € * 120,00 € *
Volume: 100 ml
Diameter: 62 mm
Height: 53 mm
Diameter opening: 62 mm

Other features:

  • The NEW LINE packaging solutions are made of food safe polypropylene (PP) / polyethylen and therefore offer a variety of application possibilities.
  • Plastic Jars made of polypropylene (PP) / polyethylene
  • filling volume: 100 ml
  • Screw Cap Jar
  • Colour: white
  • Food safe! Perfectly fitting for food and cosmetics!

  • Due to the wide opening the "New Line" Jars are suitable for a wide range of filling goods.
  • single-walled
  • The lid is flush with the bottom part.
  • Inclusive suitable screw lids and inside lids.