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Can safety clips No. 910

Can Safety Clips No. 910 for transport safety of Lever lid cans. Suitable for Lever lid cans and Lever lid cans inside coated with a diameter of 73 mm.

Art.No.: 40300006
Art.No. (old): 572006

ab 0,14 € *

Packing Unit Amount / Packing Unit Price per piece Price / Packing Unit
Small Packet 500 0,14 € * 69,79 € *

The Can Safety Clips for transport safety No. 910 are useable for metal packaging in the categories ”Lever lid cans” and ”Lever lid cans inside coated” with a diameter of 73 mm.

  • To safely lock a can, two clips are necessary.
  • The clips can be easily mounted on the can by hand.
  • After locking our cans with these safety clips, you can safely transport and ship your goods.
  • These clips are not suitable for stackable cans – see Cans Safety Clips “StaCan”.

  • If you are not sure if the clips fit on your cans, please ask for samples!