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!NEW! RPET PCR 100 % Jar "SC 70" 50 ml

RPET PCR Jar 100 % made of RECYCLED RAW MATERIAL - Jar “SC 70“ 50 ml . The sustainable packaging for your high-quality cosmetics and food products!

Art.No.: 520200

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Packing Unit Amount / Packing Unit Price per piece Price / Packing Unit
Packet 280 0,53 € * 149,52 € *
Pallet 6600 0,43 € * 2.819,52 € *
Alu Screw Caps 70 mm silver
Alu Screw Caps 70 mm gold
Alu Screw Caps 70 mm black
Alu Screw Caps 70 mm bronze
Alu Screw Caps 70 mm white



Set a mark of sustainability with our new, sustainable RPET / PCR Jars, which are 100 % made of recycled raw material.

  • R-PET / PCR (Post Consumer Regrind/Recycled PET) Jars 100 % made of recycled raw material.
  • All of our RPET products are suitable for groceries.
  • This RPET Jar is endued with a wide opening (70 mm). Therefore they are suitable for pasty goods like creams or waxes.
  • RPET packaging can be heated up to max. 40°C and are insensitive against cold.
  • PET Jars will be delivered inclusive suitable Aluminium Screw Caps.
  • The AluCaps can easily be screwed on by hand or by a machine.
  • AluCaps for this Jar are available in the following colours: silver, gold, black, bronze & white.

  • Please note that the availability of RPET products depends on the sources of the used raw materials.
  • Please note that due to the recycled raw material, there may be colour deviations in the RPET produtcs, even within one batch.

Volume:    50 ml      
Volume brimful:    80 ml
Diameter:    71,5 mm
Diameter Opening:   67 mm
Height:    25,5 mm
Height incl. closure:    27 mm
Weight:    12,8 g
Weight incl. closure:    19 g
Screw Thread: SP 400

Due to the different fillings on the market and their individual composition, we cannot confirm absolute suitability for respective fillings. It is the responsibility of the user/bottler of the packaging to determine and confirm the suitability for the respective filling in advance.

The actual suitability of the chosen packaging can only be properly ascertained by performing your own preliminary tests! The specified range of use for this article represent a rough classification based on the legal requirements!