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PET Jar "SC 89" 500 ml

PET Jar “SC 89” 500 ml crystal clear. Price inclusive Aluminium Screw Caps D=89 mm. The stylish packaging for food and cosmetic cream and waxes.

Art.No.: 520069

ab 0,82 € *

Packing Unit Amount / Packing Unit Price per piece Price / Packing Unit
Packet 132 1,04 € * 137,00 € *
Pallet 1456 0,82 € * 1.189,22 € *
Alu Screw Caps 89 mm silver
Alu Screw Caps 89 mm gold
Alu Screw Caps 89 mm black
Alu Screw Caps 89 mm bronze
!NEW! Alu Screw Caps 89 mm violet
!NEW! Alu Screw Caps 89 mm pink
!NEW! Alu Screw Caps 89 mm green
Volume: 500 ml
Diameter: 93 mm
Height: 96 mm
Dia. opening: 89 mm
Thread: SP400

Other features:

  • PET Jars are perfectly useable for a wide range of goods.
  • PET Jars are endued with a wide opening (89 mm). Therefore they are suitable for pasty goods like creams or waxes.
  • filling volume: 500 ml
  • volume brimful: 595 ml
  • The plastic jars are made of pure, crystal clear, high-quality PET.
  • PET packaging can be heated up to max. 40°C and are insensitive against cold.
  • The aluminium screw caps can easily be screwed on by hand or by a machine.
  • PET Jars will be delivered inclusive suitable Aluminium Screw Caps.