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Metal pail 5 litre without lid

D1=183mm/D2=195mm/H=208mm. Metal pail 5 litre made of tinplate, inside and outside blank. WITHOUT lid, latch ring & splint - NOT CERTIFIED for dangerous goods!

Art.No.: 513040

ab 2,35 € *

Packing Unit Amount / Packing Unit Price per piece Price / Packing Unit
Packet 30 2,69 € * 80,64 € *
Pallet 300 2,35 € * 705,60 € *
Volume: 5.000 ml
Diameter 1.: 183 mm
Diameter 2.: 195 mm
Height: 208 mm
Inside lacquering: no
Outside lacquering: no
Stackable: yes
Approval for dangerous goods: no
Food safe: yes

Other features:

Metal pails made of tinplate - Our versatile Metal pails are best-suited as metal packaging for various filling goods without water content.

  • These Metal pails are inside and outside blank.
  • These Metal pails are suitable for dry groceries.
  • Our conical Metal pails are ideal for economical storage, as they can be optimally nested and stacked.
  • Optimal emptying is achieved by the large opening of the pails. The ringless, thin bucket edge makes it easy to pour out the contents cleanly.
  • The Metal pails are equipped with a carrying handle made of metal.

  • All Metal pails are made of tinplate (tinned sheet steel). Pails made of tinplate without an appropriate inside coating are not suitable for water-containing filling goods or moist storage/handling. Contact with water or moisture can lead to rust.

  • Metal pails WITHOUT approval for dangerous goods!

  • Metal pails WITHOUT lids, latch rings & splints!