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Canisters 5 litre UN white

L=164mm/W=125mm/H=300mm. Canisters 5 litre made of tinplate, inside blank and outside white lacquered. UN-Approval for dangerous goods! Inclusive pull-out spout closure with tamper-evident seal.

Art.No.: 518011

ab 2,88 € *

Packing Unit Amount / Packing Unit Price per piece Price / Packing Unit
Packet 21 3,24 € * 68,03 € *
Pallet 252 2,88 € * 725,63 € *
Volume: 5.000 ml
Diameter: 164/125 mm
Height: 300 mm
Dia. opening: 42 mm
Inside lacquering: no
Outside laquering: yes
Stackable: yes
Approval for dangerous goods: yes, UN-certified

Other features:

Canisters made of tinplate – Metal packaging with UN-Approval for dangerous goods! The rectangular metal canisters are used in the chemical-technical industry as well as in the food industry: for alcohol as well as thin fluid solvent-based filling products (VOC), but also liquid hazardous goods, brake fluids, polish, cleaning supplies, engine oils, thinners, hardeners, paint, varnish, glazes and cooking oils.

  • All Canisters are made of tinplate (tinned sheet steel). Canisters made of tinplate without an appropriate inside coating are not suitable for water-containing filling goods or moist storage/handling. Contact with water or moisture can lead to rust.

  • The Canisters are inside blank and outside white lacquered (bottom and top silver).
  • All Canisters are suitable for food.
  • The Canisters are delivered with extricable red 42 mm pull-out spout closures with tamper-evident seal.
  • The spout closures will be pushed in after filling, either by hand or machine.
  • After pressing in the spout closures our Canisters ensure optimal residual emptying and reclosability through the screwtop on the closure.
  • Canister with red, foldable carrying handle made of plastic on the top side.
  • The canisters are stackable and through their rectangular shape space-saving during storage and transport.

  • Canisters with UN-Approval for hazardous/dangerous goods UN 3A1/Y/200/...

(Number embossed on the container)!